The Wineville Chicken coop Horrors (2023)


The Wineville Chicken coop Horrors

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Hi guys, welcome back to the channel, I'm, holly and it's time for another true crime, tuesday just a disclaimer.

This video is for educational purposes only.

And it is not meant in any disrespect to any of the people mentioned I'm.

Sorry about my face.

I haven't put makeup on.

It is quite hot today.

And I couldn't bother, the same goes with my hair.

I have straightened my hair, but I just couldn't couldn't be bothered.


So today, I'm going to talk about the wineville chicken coop murders on the 9th of november, 1906, a gordon northcot, stewart was born in bladworth in saskatchewan.

I don't know if that's how you say it I'm, pretty sure it is saskatchewan in canada.

He was raised in british columbia in canada.

I think that's in canada as well.

My glasses in 1924.

He moved to los angeles with his parents, sarah, louise northcott and cyprus.

George norcotte after two years of living there, george asked his dad, if he would buy a plot of land in wineville, california on this plot of land, george built a chicken ranch and a house with the help of his dad and his nephew, sanford clark on march 10, 1928, a young boy called walter collins, went missing.

And he had asked his mom for some money to go and see a movie at the local cinema or picture house, whatever they used to call them back then.

And that was the last time she saw him.

Now he was seen by a neighbor at five o'clock on the corner of pasadena avenue in lincoln heights in california.

Obviously, they didn't know what had happened to him.

They did think that maybe because his dad who was incarcerated at that time that a fellow inmate from folsom state prison had had done something to him just to get revenge, because he had some trouble in this prison.

But yeah, they the police.

The lapd could not find him until a gas station, attendant, uh, from glendale came forward.

His name was richard strothers strothers strothers.

He came forward to police and told him told them that he had seen a dead boy in the back of a car wrapped in newspaper, and that when they had stopped to ask directions from somebody now, um, richard strothers described these people as being foreigners foreign people, obviously coming from canada and being in los angeles and there's quite a there's, an accent.

Maybe there was a man called cv staley who these people had asked for directions off.

And he also saw the boy in the back of the car, and he followed them until they stopped briefly at a police station.

And then quickly sped off.

They didn't get out of the car or anything.

They just stopped for a couple of minutes and then sped off.

And and this cv's daily.

Now when these two people came forward, um, the police showed them a picture of walter collins and said, is this the boy that you saw in the back of the car? And they both confirmed that it was walter collins that they saw in this couple's car on 16th of may 1928, nelson.

And louis winslow also went missing on their way.

Home from pomona I'm, sorry, if I can't pronounce these, I am rubbish it's, either pomona or pomona.

I like pomona, better let's call it pomona.

Now, the parents received strange letters from these boys.

One of the letters tell it was telling them it was from the boys apparently allegedly from these boys and telling their telling her that they were going to mexico.

The second of the letters said that they will stay missing.

Basically as long as they become famous, which they thought was a little bit strange.

Obviously, because these boys were 10 and 12 years old, the lapd didn't, connect these two, uh, missing persons cases together, which really they are completely different.

One went missing going to the cinema.

And the mother didn't get a letter from walter collins and then there's these two boys who went missing.

And the mother got letters so it's kind of different.

So there's, no reason really to think that they are connected.

They also couldn't find the connection of the headless boy, um, who was a latino in la puente in february.

And they also had no connection to the complaints from a neighbor, um saying that a young boy was being mistreated by a man on his chicken farm.

So the lapd weren't doing too great in august 1928, the illinois.

Police picked up a young boy who said, his name was walter collins.

Now, the illinois.

Police sent a photo of this boy to the lapd who showed it to christine collins and christine collins was like that's, not my son, then the illinois.

Police sent the boy down to los angeles to the police there.

And then and the captain jj jones basically turned around to christine collins and says, we'll just give this one a try what anyway.

Three weeks later, christine collins, brought the boy back to the lapd and was like look.

I have got walter collins.

My son's dental records here, and I have got loads of signatures and statements saying that this boy is not my son and the police put her in a mental health institute in a hospital like wow.

Obviously, surely a mother knows who a son is and she's got the proof, but they totally dismissed.

It, absolutely just dismissed it and said, well, anyway, I think later on in the story, um, which I'm not going to tell, but it did get proven that they did like a handwriting match up, um handwriting analysis.

And he wrote his r's differently to how it's taught in los angeles, basically.

So that got debunked, but she was she was in a mental institute because of this.

She finally obviously did get set free in august 1928, sanford clark, you know, the little nephew went to visit the chicken ranch.

She went to visit because she was concerned about the welfare of her brother.

Basically, she was 19 years old at the time.

And while she was there, samford clark admitted to her that he was scared for his life, and that they were beating him.

And all this kind of stuff.

He also admitted that gordon northcott had killed four boys on the ranch.

Now, obviously this concerned jesse a lot and a week later, she didn't want to raise alarms.

So she didn't, she didn't leave any sooner than she had planned.

And a week later when she got back to canada, she contacted the american consul telling them of everything under a sworn state.

She must have had to have been sworn in to write this statement.

And the american council sent it over to the lapd who got in touch with immigration, because there was a concern of immigration.

So on the 31st of august two, immigration officers agents, whatever you want to call them, um turned up at the farm and gordon northcott saw them coming down the road.

And he turns and says to sanford clark, you need to go and stall them.

If you don't stole them for long enough or tell them anything, I will shoot you in the head, and he took a rifle and off.

He fled down into the tree line.

Obviously sanford clark did this.

And until he knew that he was safe from being shot.

It took two hours for him to know that he was safe.

And then he told the two immigration officers everything, and they took him into custody.

Now, at this point, gordon and his mother, sarah louise had managed to get away.

Surprisingly enough, obviously, you can get quite far in two hours.

I don't know if they were on foot if they had a hidden car or whatnot.

It didn't really say anything there's, not really much to be said about the father.

I think he did testify saying they did this.

But yeah, they got quite far gordon.

And sarah louise ended up going all the way back to canada.

They did get arrested in vernon, uh, well, near vernon, british columbia on september 19, 1928, sanford clark testified at sarah louise northcott sentencing and sanford clark testified that george northcott had kidnapped molested beaten and killed three boys with the help of his mother.

Sanford clark also testified about the young mexican.

Boy, whose body was found, um on the side of the road.

He said, this boy was from mexico and that gordon had forced, um for sanford to help him to get rid of the body.

He forced him to burn the skull of this boy in a fire pit and crush the skull and forced him to dump his body.

He said that he dumped his body where he did, because there was nowhere else to put it.

He also stated that quickline was used.

So obviously the authorities go along to the ranch.

And what do they find three shallow graves with body parts in them? And they were exactly where sanford had told them that they were.

They didn't find all of the body parts in these shallow graves and further down the line of the trial.

It is found out that gordon northcott and sarah louise northcott got rid of the bodies and started digging them up and taking them to a deserted place and setting fire to them.

They did this on the 4th of august 1928, a couple of weeks before they were obviously arrested.

These body parts were never found.

Nobody knows.

I think in total, if I remember correctly, there was 52 body parts left on the ranch.

And it is believed that northcott and his mother murdered around 20 little boys in the end.

So what happened to sarah louise north car? She ended up with a life sentence.

The judge didn't want to give her a death sentence because she was a woman.

I don't think that that would go down in court.

These days, very well, especially in america, although I don't know, I wonder how many women are on death row, I'll google it in a minute.

And then sometime in february of 1929, gordon northcott had his sentencing.

He got sentenced to death, um and on october.

The 2nd 1930, golden northcott was hung at san quentin state prison.

Now I want to know how many peop how many women are on death row.

Let me look okay.

So as it it's quite outdated.

But it says here as of october the 1st 2018, uh, the naacp legal defense and educational fund reports that there were 55 women on death rows across united states.

Let's, see how many men? Okay, so I can't find how many men are but I'll, uh, if there's only 55 women, this will give you a little bit of a thingy a bit of a clue.

So in total, there are don't know when this was this is the death penalty information center, I'll link.

It down below if you're interested, uh, this is from january, the 1st 2020.

So from january, the first this year, there was 2620 people on death row in america.

So you take 55 off of that it's interesting, because it tells you the race as well, 1090 of them are black 1.

106 of them are white.

353 are latina and 27 of them are native american 47 of them are asian.

And one is unknown so it's quite interesting really.

But yeah, what did you think to george north caught the cheeky little saturday? I can't find anything about his childhood? I don't think that he had a bad childhood either.

And you hear a lot that, um, serial killers have bad childhoods.

They suffer abuse themselves and whatnot.

So, but there was nothing really of that on anywhere to be seen.

And if his dad bought in that chicken coop, I'd imagine that they got on really well and for his mum to help him with the murders, then maybe they got on really well as well, um, but no it's very strange.

I don't know, very strange.

Let me know what you think in the comments to this case, don't, forget to subscribe to the channel don't, forget to follow us on twitter.

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All there I'll link everything down below in the comments, um, I think next week will be the night stalker or the lockerbie playing bombings.

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Now for some reason, I don't know why maybe they're not any any good, not sure, but yes, thank you.

So so much for watching again, I will be back next week with another one.

I do have a second channel, and I shall link it down below, um, it is just a true crime channel.

So if you want to go and check it out, there's different cases over there, I think this week's video is on junco furuta and her 44 days of hell.

Hell? So, yeah, I'm gonna go now because my throat is getting a bit croaky, um, I don't have coronavirus.

I don't have that.

Well, I've not been out for 12 weeks.

So I've not left the house or the vicinity of my garden.

So I can't really have coronavirus, um, but yes, I'm, hoping that the sound quality is quite good, because I got a new microphone thing here.

Look can you see it? Oh, and my top says, it's, one of the most comfiest tops and it's off amazon, and it fits lovely.

But yes, anyway, I'm going.

So thanks.

So so much for watching don't, forget to subscribe like this video.

And I shall see you all next week.




How many kids were killed in the chicken coop murders? ›

A man named Gordon Stewart Northcott kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered at least three, and possibly as many as twenty, young boys. It is believed that he had the help of his mother and his Canadian nephew to commit these crimes.

Who was the Wineville chicken killer? ›

Gordon Stewart Northcott

Did any boys escape the chicken coop murders? ›

Sanford Clark, however, never told authorities that a boy had escaped from the chicken coop. The historical record and Sanford Clark's own testimony indicate that only three boys were ever held in the chicken coop.

What movie is based on the Wineville chicken coop murders? ›

Changeling is a 2008 American mystery crime drama film directed, produced, and scored by Clint Eastwood and written by J. Michael Straczynski. The story was based on real-life events, specifically the 1928 Wineville Chicken Coop murders in Mira Loma, California.

What serial killer killed animals as a kid? ›

A young Jeffrey Dahmer caught tadpoles as a gift for his teacher. When his teacher gave them to another student, Dahmer was furious. He went to the student's home and poured motor oil into the tadpoles' jar, killing them. Dr.

Who was the serial killer that sold BBQ? ›

Joseph Roy Metheny (March 2, 1955 – August 5, 2017) was an American serial killer and rapist from the Baltimore, Maryland area. While he claimed to have killed 13 people, sufficient evidence was only found to convict him of two murders. Research later confirmed 3 more victims, though he had not been charged with them.

Is Sarah Louise Northcott still alive? ›

Who was the Labrador serial killer? ›

During his killing spree, he sent letters to New York newspapers, signing them “Son of Sam,” a reference to a demon he believed lived inside the black Labrador retriever owned by his neighbour Sam Carr. Berkowitz was arrested on August 10, 1977, 11 days after his last murder.

Who abducted Walter Collins? ›

In 1929, Gordon Stewart Northcott was found guilty of abducting, molesting, and killing three young boys in what became known as the Wineville Chicken Coop murders. Northcott's mother, Sarah Louise Northcott, confessed in late 1928 to her participation in the murder of Walter Collins as being amongst her son's victims.

Who was the big farm serial killer? ›

In 2001, Robert Pickton was charged with murdering 26 women at his pig farm in Port Coquitlam, BC. He was convicted on six charges and sentenced to life in prison. Pickton claimed to have killed 49 women. His case was the largest serial killer investigation in Canadian history.

Who was burger meat serial killer? ›

A deranged serial killer and rapist turned his victims into "human hamburgers" and sold them to unsuspecting customers. Joseph "Joe" Roy Metheny targeted women in the Baltimore area of USA who had a history of drug or alcohol issues.

Who was the boy who was raised in a chicken coop? ›

Sujit Kumar (The Chicken Boy), Fiji, 1978

His mother committed suicide and his father was murdered. His grandfather took responsibility for him but still kept him confined in the chicken coop. He was eight years old when he was found in the middle of a road, clucking, and flapping.

Was Walter Collins ever found? ›

But Walter Collins' body was never found among them. Christine Collins, who died in 1964, spent the rest of her life looking for her son. He was never found. The 2008 film, "Changeling," directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins, dramatized the events of the case.

How was the Collins family found? ›

The family's bodies were discovered after a concerned family member called the police for a welfare check. After the Collins family murders, investigators tracked Lopez down before a short chase ensued and he was killed in a shootout by police.

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Judd Nelson plays a screenwriter who becomes a serial killer to research his current film about a psychopath who keeps his female victims underwater in a human garden. Mallory: Hedy Burress. Boone: Michael Weatherly.

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Amelia Elizabeth Dyer (née Hobley; 1836 – 10 June 1896), popularly dubbed the Ogress of Reading, was an English serial killer who murdered infants in her care over a thirty-year period during the Victorian era.

Who is the world's youngest serial killer who murdered three people by the age of eight is at large? ›

Youngest serial killer murdered three people by the time he was aged eight. He murdered his first victim when he was seven years old.

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Paul Skinner was stabbed to death, while Mara Skinner survived 26 stab wounds. The evidence showed that Tia Skinner orchestrated the attack because she was upset at her parents' disapproval of her boyfriend, a 19-year-old man who was also convicted in the killing. She left a window open and a ladder outside the house.

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