The truth about warehouse jobs!! (My 2 year experience working in a warehouse) (2023)


This is my personal experience working at a warehouse for 2 years.. I left out a lot so i am going to do a pt 2 soon with my bro who worked with me and explain more.

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I don't know how I'm gonna start this video off for real? Because I have so much that I want to say so, many things that's really just going through my mind about working at my warehouse job.

So I know that I'm supposed to be making this video right now, because I had a dream last night and it wasn't a nightmare, but it was just like a bad experience of kind of like why I don't want to go back to working at warehouses or why I don't want to go back to that lifestyle that I was living when I was working in a warehouse.

So for those of y'all that don't know, don't, I don't think I ever said this on my channel, but I'm 22 right now.

I started working at a warehouse when I was 19 years old.

I got hired at 19.


This is at the point after I had dropped out of college.

This is a few months later.

And after I had lost my job at dunkin donuts.

So, um, I was looking for a job for some months.

And I had this one job.

They let me go.

So at this point I was, I was just looking for anything.

And my cousin who was working at the same warehouse that I was at the time, um, she had she I seen her on, you know, snapchat, she was just always posting her, you know where she worked at, and it was the warehouse job.

So I hit her up one day.

I was like, um, get me in there, because I really desperately, I needed a job at that time.

So she was like cool.

She got me in the job like probably like a month.

It took a month for everything to happen.

I worked.

I started working there.

In may 2020 actually may 2019.

I started working there may 2019 is when I first started working at the warehouse job.

I was, I was 19 years old.

So I got the job and I worked at that job for like two years and I'm gonna just give y'all my full experience like what happened in the warehouse, um, how I felt while I was working there, the things that I've seen the management, the labor I'm gonna give y'all all of that.

In my perspective.

So when I was working there, bro, um, it started off like as an okay job.

You know, I started off making like, I think 14 25 an hour at that time.

And this was back in 2019 before the pandemic and stuff.

So, and that was cool, you know from coming a job like coming from nothing like coming from not having like I was broke at that time coming from me being broke.

And then making some decent money like that.

I was like cool, you know, so I started off working there.

And the first few months it was, it was decent, you know, it was it was decent like I was just happy to work.

You know, when you're just happy to work a job you're just happy with anything bro that's.

What my mindset was at that time, I was just happy to have a job.

So I mean, I'm thankful that I got that job, but working at a warehouse bruh is not it working at that warehouse was probably the most depressing time of my life like it really killed.

It really was killing my spirit.

It was really like if you all know what a warehouse says, bro you on concrete the whole day, it's, bad for your body, it's, no sunlight, bro and you're around all of these negative.

People all day.

All these people that's just talking about how much they hate their job, how much they hate, hey, they hate coming to work every day, but they still show up every single day and I'm.

(Video) The truth about warehouse jobs!! (My 2 year experience working in a warehouse)

Not gonna lie.

I was one of those people because I had to, you know, make money and it's we working like so the warehouse that I worked at was you come in at 11 o'clock.

And then you can't leave until you finish all the work.

So depending on whoever is working there, bro, depending on how fast you like at my warehouse bro.

What we had to do was basically we had to walk around with a cart, a big car I'm gonna show you a picture.

We had to walk around with a big cart and just pick items for customers.

And it was it was we had to pick items for customers and then package it up in boxes.

The right way.

So it was big boxes.

It was small boxes.

But you know, we had to just pack items in a box, and then put push a big ass cart through the warehouse.

And it was like a course, and they were literally like it's crazy because this warehouse they would have like warehouse was designed and built to literally try to race like try to see who's better than who who can pick the fastest.

It was designed so that you could you could get the work done.

And you could like be trying to go against your co-workers to see who could pick the fastest.

It was about like 10 to probably sometimes 15 of us.

Sometimes I was out there picking so that's, what they call it picking, literally slave, a slave term, picking bro.

We was picking things and putting it in boxes.

And so yeah, bro like we were coming at 11.

And we couldn't leave until all the work was done, depending on who was working that day.

Some days bro, we would have like I worked there for two years bruh.

So when I first started the job, you know, it was cool like we had fast people that was working there.

And as time went on bro throughout the two years, the people that I started working around got slower and slower bro, because they just hire anybody.

They would literally hire somebody off the street that they don't have no like type of work history.

But if you want to work there they're going to hire you because they need you so literally as time went on in the warehouse for my two-year attention there, he just hired anybody and the people that was there like they didn't even really want to work there.

So people were just going slow knowing that the slower they go, because they just don't want to be there.

The time went on, we would have to stay there more.

We have to stay there longer.

So we would be working like 12 13 hour shifts, some days bro 10 to 10 to 12 hour shifts, some days from from 11 a.m bruh and just on concrete walking all day.

We only got a 30 minute break, 30 minute, break bruh.

And this was depressing bro.

It was one of the most depressing times in my life just talking to people around you bro talking talking to people around you.

And you know, it's older people there and they talking about how you know some people just like, yeah, I like this job because I'm getting money, bro you're getting money.

But you don't like you don't have no type of spirit like your energy is low bro like like, I know, you're depressed bro.

You only probably don't even get to see a wife.

You won't even get to see your girl bro.

Because when I was working there, I had a girlfriend at the time and I'm 19.


You I'm, 19 years old.

I had a girlfriend at the time.

This is before steven retention before no fap and all of that.

So I had a girlfriend, and I didn't even have time to go and please her bro like not even time, but the energy my energy was so low from working here, every single day working there, every single day monday through friday, we work monday through friday.

We got the weekends off, but by the time, bro, you do what you want to do on the weekend you right back to work on monday in the warehouse bro and some days we would have to come in on saturday mornings.

It was mandatory.

We had to work saturday, and it was mandatory.

(Video) The Truth About Warehouse Jobs | My Experience

So I had a girl and I was working there, and I couldn't even please her like I would come home.

I'll, go to her crib and I'll be tired.


I didn't, I didn't want to have sex or not.

And I was so drained and so tired from being on my feet 10-12 hours a day like there would be days when I would come home.

And my back would be hurting bro.

My back, I wouldn't even be able to really like do nothing because I'd be so sore or so tired from from just working on that concrete all day working around negative people all day.

And I was just gonna fall asleep like get some food real quick after I got off and just go like go go to bed bro and sometimes like bro, I wasn't even trying to like take a shower and under that.

But I would just be so tired, bro I'll, be so tired from just slaving bro and like, yeah, so I know like the older dudes we talking about how they love the job so much.

It was like have people that love the job and they're happy with I hated the job.

Some of the older dudes are just like, yeah.

The job is cool bro.

They've been working there for 30 years in the same position, bro and probably making like a little bit more than me like how are y'all working I'm, not holding nothing against you I'm, not judging y'all, but like the my the warehouse job taught me that there's so much more to life than than slaving for for for for the same money that everybody else is making bro around you like also like working there, I felt like a robot bro.

I felt like I was literally a robot like I was, I didn't have no like because you get a headset.

They give you a headset when you work there.

So you can like, you can pick the things that you need to pick and your headset it tells you so and you scanned it and stuff.

So the headset will like the headset was like a robot lady, voice and bro.

Just working there.

I felt like I was just a robot like I was going through the motions.

I didn't have like I had so much time to think though that was the thing like we like we was all.

We didn't have to talk to nobody like that.

So we all had our time to just think.

So I would be thinking about like everything when I was working there, like how am I about to get out of the job? Bro I'm, not gonna lie at that time like during like, like, I said, the first couple months to like a like, probably like the first six to nine months.

It was a I job.

It wasn't horrible.

But as time went on the just got so unbearable bruh, the got so unbearable.

And like I was just sticking there because I was saving my money.

So you know, I was good with my money, and I was saving my bread up, you know, and that was the only reason I was really there still.

I just like, you know, I just wanted to save my money up.

And I was telling myself every single day that once I get to a certain point and like my financial, uh state.

Once my bank account get to a certain number I'ma quit.

But I told myself that for like a year, I told myself that for like a year.

So yeah, I would literally I keep getting off topic, but it's, just so much that I have to tell you about this job bro.

But I just keep coming and the information keep coming to me.

But working there, I felt like literally like I had no type of spirit or soul in me.

This is one of the most darkest times of my life.

I felt like I had, um, derealization depersonalization is called look that up.

It's when you feel like you were there, but you're, not there like you feel like you just literally like you, not you're, not a human basically, like you just you're, literally, just like a zombie bro.

You feel like a zombie like you're, just literally going through the motions when I was working there, bro that's, all I felt every single day.

It felt like I would just work all day.

And I would not remember anything from me working.

I would just be working in the motions all day.

I felt like I was a zombie bro.

I felt like I was a zombie.

(Video) First Day Working At A Warehouse Job

I didn't get no sunlight in there bruh.

I mean, it wasn't dark, but the warehouse had a whole bunch of lights, but it wasn't natural sunlight.

And you was working on concrete in a dusty environment.

I was also sick a lot working there because they didn't clean up.

It was always dusty and low vibrational in there.

So yeah, we had people we had the older people that I was just complaining about working there all the time.

And then me seeing that from my perspective at 19, 20 years old, I'm like bro, like I cannot be doing this when I'm like 30 40 years old bruh, those people that's 50 60 years old, working there still bro.

Imagine working in a warehouse for 30 30, 20, 30 years bro.

And you you don't get that many benefits much more than me at that job like okay, you got you make a couple more dollars in me, but you still not happy that you still probably don't, even get to see your wife or spend time with your your kids like because by the time you get off from work, you got to go to you got to go to sleep like you exhausted and on the weekends like you get two days, but you know you you just want to like rest like you don't want to really do nothing like that from my experience like when I was working there on the weekends bro, I would be so tired.

I just wanted to go home bruh and just sleep all weekend.

And if if I was doing something, it was probably on the sunday, and then I had to go back to work the next day.

So, whereas jobs bro, it's, literally, slavery, bro, it's, modern day.

Slavery, I don't care what nobody says bro.

It was probably one of the most depressing times in my life, the darkest times in my life.

This job taught me so much about myself.

And this job was really like the point.

It broke me so much that it caused my spiritual awakening along with a co with some other things.

This job really caused me to wake up internally, because I was just going through a lot in life.

And that job was like the breaking point.

And it caused me to wake up and really see life for what it is.

It caused me to wake up and stop being a sheep.

Stop being a zombie and really see everything for what it is.

Imagine a manager telling you bro, you got to come in two hours early, you can't, you got to come in two hours early it's mandatory.

Imagine if you have kids, you got to take them to school, and there would be people like that in the warehouse that had kids, and they would be like this is like I can't even take my kids to school.

I can't, even like, you know, do things for them early.

I can't get them ready for school and all of that, because I got to be here, and it was like them telling you that that you had to come in two hours early.

It was so inconvenient, but they didn't give a because like they controlled, you bruh, a warehouse is a controlling ass job.

They control everything that you do you.

Not you don't have any type of free time to do what you want to do.

Because by the time you by the time, it's, the weekend you have to go right back to to doing what they want you to do bro.

And this is horrible.

I remember this one time I was working there.

We worked 17 hours bruh.

I kid you not.

It was mandatory.

We all had everybody in the warehouse had to work 17 hours from 11 8 from 11 a.m to like 5-6 a.m.

The next day we had to clean the warehouse and organize everything at this warehouse.

And all they gave us at the end of the night with some pizza.

All they gave us at the end at night with some pizza.

And we then we had to work until 5, 6, a.m.

And you know, just every like the warehouse was big.

So we had to organize all of these shelves and just make sure everything was in the right place and count everything we had to count everything in the warehouse.

All the items.

Imagine that bro imagine have his account all the items in the warehouse.


This is crazy, bro like it's.

Slavery, bro, it's, slavery, bruh.

And it was mandatory if you didn't do it, they would fire you.

They would lay you off like you'll be done.

So they control you bro warehouses are controlling bro.

They controlling as they don't care about your life.

They don't care about nothing.

All they care about is that you at work at 9 00 a.m, or at 11 a.m every day, and you doing what you what they want you to do bro.

This video is gonna be long bro I'm about to do two parts.


But I'm, just I have so much to say because this is everything like it was so much other stuff that happened.

Bro like this video could literally be 30 minutes of me just talking about why you shouldn't work at a warehouse because of they don't care about you at all.

But if you do work at a warehouse make sure that you work in there, and you have some sort of vision, because when I was working there at first, I didn't have any type of vision.

I was just I needed money.

So you know, I was just trying to I guess you could say I was stacking my bread up that was the vision, but I didn't have no long-term vision.

You know, this is the point where I was lost in life.

Um, I didn't know what I wanted to do.

I didn't have a purpose in life.

So my only purpose was really to just make money and sometimes all money, ain't good money.

I was just telling my bro that, um a little while ago, that's a that's.

What a lot of people will be going through in these warehouses bro like they making money, but is it good for your spiritual health? Is it good for you mentally? Is it good for you physically? Like you? You go home and you regret, even even working you regret, even like, you know, you have to do this because you have to provide for your family, but internally like, I know you feel horrible because I'm only 19 20, 21 years old.

And I feel like this like I feel I don't feel like I'm alive.

I don't feel any type of happiness inside of me because I'm trapped in this warehouse all day.

I didn't even really get to see my family like that.

I didn't even really get to spend time with my family or my girl because I'm, literally doing this every single day and like I'll, be drained, I'll be depressed, I'll be so like down every day, bruh so make sure that you work in there.

And you actually like you're doing something with your money because they're gonna give you all these hours they're gonna give you money, but they're gonna they know that you're gonna go spend that money on things that don't really matter other than bills like they know that you're gonna go splurge and have a new car and you're gonna be paying the car off with that money, you're not going to be investing that money into yourself.

They know this they're aware of this.

So if you're working at a warehouse or you know in that type of environment, make sure that you saving that money up, you actually are working in a warehouse that you actually invest in that money into into a purpose into a goal.

And so things that's going to help you make money back like also, you have a plan, because these warehouses know that you if you don't have any type of plan you're going to be working there for the rest of your life, unless you have the courage, unless you have a backup plan to quit like, they will literally take advantage of you and that's what they were doing to all of us.

They were literally taking advantage of us bro.

They knew that they knew that we had to work there, because we didn't some of us.

Didn't really have the courage to quit, because we needed a job to, you know, survive to barely survive I'm.

So glad that I had that experience because you can only feel that if you can only feel like you want better for yourself, if you go through those type of experiences, or if you see somebody else that's going through that for me, I had to experience it firsthand for me to actually be like, no like I'm.

I gotta I gotta become better in life.

I got to be somebody more than just somebody that's working in the warehouse and no I'm not trying to bash anybody that's working there.

But I I know that there's more to life than just money, bro there's more to life than just working for that little that money that they give you to come back there every day and be a slave today today, organizations to be a slave for somebody else for for somebody else.

That's working for somebody else is working for somebody else like no I'm trying to work for myself I'm gonna be my own boss that's.

One of the reasons why I started this channel, because I want to be able to have my own free time.

One day I wanted to be able to you know, work for myself, be able to be my own businessman have opportunity, um have free time because freedom is really the key to life like if you not have if you're not able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it are you really free and have the money to provide for that so that's? What I'm saying? But this is just my experience working at a warehouse job.

I want y'all to really see this video and know why I shouldn't work at a warehouse job.

A warehouse job is like I'm, not gonna lie it's good money.

I guess but it's the lowest of low you working there.

Your experience is gonna change.

And if it don't change, hopefully this video really can, uh from my perspective can really show you, or you see why you shouldn't be working there because it's, not good it's, not good.


And like I said, if you work in there, try to find try to with that money, try to just put that money other places.

So you can get out of that environment, because I know how how bad that those type of environments is for you mentally physically and spiritually.


Is working warehouse worth it? ›

Warehouse associates can make good money.

The average warehouse job paid $22.94 an hour at the start of 2023, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Most entry-level warehouse associates are paid hourly, which means their paychecks reflect the exact amount of time they worked each week.

Why is working at warehouse hard? ›

Typical warehouse activities involve lifting, sorting, and moving in ways that can be tiring and increase strain. Many warehouses operate 24/7, which means you may be expected to work up to 12-hour shifts, and these shifts may be outside of regular business hours.

What are the cons of working in a warehouse? ›

You'll need to lift heavy objects and be on your feet for long periods of time. It can also be a noisy, hot, and dusty environment. Safety risks are also present, since you may be working around machinery. If you're considering a job in a warehouse, it's important to take the time to evaluate the pros and cons.

How do I get out of warehouse work? ›

I know the job sucks sometimes but it's still good form to try and leave in good terms with the warehouse management. You may want to come back one day or need a recommendation letter, for example. Notify your immediate supervisor of your intention to leave. In some warehouses you don't even have to wait two weeks.

Is warehouse work a dead end job? ›

Endless Opportunities

Although warehouse work offers abundant entry-level positions, these are not dead-end jobs.

Is warehouse work hard on your body? ›

Fatigue. Most warehouse jobs are labor intensive. You are required to be on your feet all day while lifting heavy loads. This is strenuous on your body and will contribute to stress during and after work.

Do you need to be strong to work in a warehouse? ›

Working as a warehouse operative is a hands-on job that requires physical stamina and skills in operating heavy machinery. If you can handle physically demanding work, then a job as a warehouse operative is a perfect fit.

What is the common problem in warehouse? ›

Poor damage control. Damage is unfortunately a common issue in warehouses, especially ones that deal with a large amount of inventory and heavy-duty equipment. While it's difficult to completely avoid damage, you can always work on ways to reduce it.

How stressful is warehouse work? ›

Because the job often involves meeting quotas — so many orders filled per hour — warehouse work can be stressful. If this sounds familiar, there are some tried-and-true tactics for reducing stress: Reduce stress before work begins. A busy morning, difficult commute or missed meal can contribute to a stressful shift.

Can you make a living off warehouse? ›

Most warehouse jobs do not require high levels of education or training, so they could be a great fit for young people with a high school degree. Warehouse jobs pay well, too. In most US warehouses, the hourly wage considerably exceeds the minimum wage.

Does working in a warehouse make you fit? ›

Building Strength

If most of your tasks at the warehouse involve lifting heavy items, you are going to build a lot of strength over time. Your body quickly adapts to the constant lifting and putting items down. You will also build a lot of endurance, especially if you work jobs like loading and unloading.

Is a warehouse job good for introverts? ›

Introversion is a good personality trait for a warehouse worker since you need to work independently most of the time. You might do things like: Accept delivery of inventory.


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