Tesla Model Y beats Toyota Corolla: Europe & China's Best-Selling Car in 2023 (2023)


Tesla Model Y beats Toyota Corolla: Europe & China's Best-Selling Car in 2023

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When Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model wire would be the best selling car in the world in 2023, the media mocked him.

Most of them did it's fair to say that because that's what happened this year, it's bizarre, no one's really said, anything about the fact that it looks like Elon, Musk will be correct now in China and Europe.

The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling car and I'm, not saying, it's, the best-selling EV it's, just the best-selling car.

What is so strange about? This is the best-selling car has never been a premium car in the history of the planet.

Now, if you want to say the model Y is not premium that's.


The best selling car has never been a higher priced car, a car priced like the model.

Y it's never happened in the history and it's also never ever happened before that the best selling car in the world was an electric car.

Hello, my friends.

Welcome to the channel it's great to see you.

Thank you for tuning in my name is Sam, Evans and I'm coming to you from Australia.

The Tesla Model Y is a best-selling car in China for the first six months of this year, it's also the best-selling car in Europe model, y best-selling car in the UK last month, also in Germany and also in France they're.

The only three countries we have official data Force so far.

Now, of course, it was also the best-selling car in Norway, but that's of no surprise to anyone I'm sure.

So what all this means the best selling car in the world in Europe this year was the model y.

It was the best-selling car in June as well.

It outsold cars like the Dacia sandero and the Volkswagen t-rock and the Volkswagen Golf Now.

It wasn't long ago that the Volkswagen Golf was the Untouchable best-selling car in Europe.

It was so far ahead that no one would have ever predicted that a mid-sized crossover electric car that looks a bit.

Odd would become the best-selling car.

Only a couple of years later in the Volkswagen Golf would drop from first down to Fourth and probably this year fifth or sixth if that European sales of the model y in the first half of the Year tripled to 125 144.

that's from forty thousand in the first six months of last year.

However, these are preliminary figures can't say, these figures are exactly spot on it.

It comes from data force from Automotive news.

The very cheap in comparison, Dacia sandero hatchback.

And the Volkswagen t-rock had 118 883 sales and a hundred and seven thousand two hundred.

And fifty.

So Tesla is not that far ahead of the Dacia sandero it's only 7, 000, Vehicles ahead.

So it's going to be a close race, I think Tesla can probably get the the win though, the reason I say that is because they have increased their production at the factory in Germany and they're also now making the standard range version.

So they'll now make three different versions of the model.

Why? In Germany in June alone, Tesla sold, 30 000 model wires in Europe that's, an increase of 104 year over year.

It was the model wise second best month ever after March, went 46 262 Vehicles were sold in comparison.


Second, best seller the model 3 even saw its sales rise.

A surprising hundred and fifteen percent in June to thirteen thousand, well, twelve thousand seven hundred.

It outpaced, the sales growth of the model Y for the first time this year.

But as you can see a lot more model, wires were sold with a total of 38 843 sales in the first half of the year model 3 ranked 50th in Europe's list of top sellers.

And obviously comparing 38 843 to model wise, 125 000 there's, a massive difference between the two will be interesting though to see when the new model 3 comes out if it can start catching back up to the model, y I, don't think it can, but I mean, it could be able to increase its sales figures versus the first half of the year.

If we combine model 3 and model wire sales together, Tesla has delivered 164 000 cars in Europe this year.

That's nearly double well.

They delivered in the first six months of last year.

So Tesla sales this year have grown by 85 000 making up 35 of the increase in electric vehicle sales in Europe this year in the second quarter of the Year Tesla, delivered 466, 000 cars, worldwide, putting them on track to possibly deliver around 2 million cars for the entire year of 2023.

But we do have some challenges in the automotive industry.

There is a glut a massive plot of vehicles it's, a glut in America.

Now, dealers have too much inventory, but they're actually still continuing to produce more cars than they need or that they can sell.

But in China, the glut is enormous there's, not as much of a glut in Europe.

There will be it's unquestionably going to happen.

Tesla's actual orders have apparently declined now I, don't know, if that's true that's, what some experts are saying be interesting to see because it seems to me experts often say that, and then the order deliveries end up being a bit different to what the experts have to say either way, the key message to take away here by the end of this year, it's almost certain the best-selling car in the world will be electric it's, almost certain it'll be the Tesla Model, y it's, very important for the growth of electric cars, worldwide, whether you hate Tesla, whether you love Tesla, whether you don't even care about Tesla, it doesn't really matter.

The point is the world's changing we're using electric cars, more and more.

We buy more and more electric cars, that's a good thing.

That's, a good thing for the air quality.

You breathe, it's a good thing for the fact, we're moving away from fossil fuels, because eventually almost all energy produced worldwide will be Renewables.

Why it's cheaper, it's better and it's cheaper and that renewable energy will be used to power all the world's vehicles.

Imagine how much better the air will be to breathe in all the world's major cities.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for watching.

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