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John O.

Too lazy to wipe your own car dry and/or cant physically do all the bending over and whatnot to wipe your own car down and dont mind some scratches, some peeling of things that are placed on your vehicle with adhesive and having your carpets wet because they didnt bother whicking the water from your floor mats or watching in dissappointment when they skip vacuuming the rear trunk because it "looks clean" even though you paid for that service? Then Beaverton Car Wash is for you. Much quicker than the ol Carriage House that used to be up the street from it (but is now another, noticeably empty, mediocre KAADY car wash). I used to prefer to wait 2 hours to get my car wash at the Carriage House over the Beaverton Car Wash simply because of the quality of the output in the end. Not to knock on Amazon Local deals, but you gotta wonder about the quality of a business that has to use it to get exposure over word-of-mouth, no? Ive been to Beaverton Car Wash almost a dozen times over the past decade; the majority of the time the only reason was the lines at the Carriage House were too long. I have a punch card that has two washes left before I get a free "ultimate" car wash at Beaverton Car Wash; its been a year since Ive been there. If you find something wrong when you get home from Beaverton Car Wash, forget calling, you wont get a reply. Complain about it right there and then. What that means is youll have to do some quality control for yourself, because Beaverton Car Wash isnt going to. For me it got a little tiring borrowing one of their rags to get spots they missed (especially just below the bumpers). So I started going to places like Xpress Lube and Wash where for $9 I got a wash and a wet towel for the dashboard and wiped down my car myself, same wash result, but I dry and clean better saving 10-bucks or more over spending it at Beaverton Car Wash. But I cant do other stuff while Im cleaning my own car. I really liked being able to do some business while waiting for my car to be cleaned. Well, that was until I found United Car Wash in Tigard. Thats where this lazy guy goes now. I can drink coffee while doing work on my laptop/phone and my car cleaned without having to watch which spots were missed. They dont have Amazon Local deal coupons, because folks like me spread the word much better.


Brad Lee

I paid $85 dollars for hand wash and noticed them my calipers are special (anodized blue) But they washed it with wheel acid anyway. I have asked other detail shops what will they do if they see some aftermarket calipers like what I have on my car EVEN customers DIDNT tell them to be careful with it. Every single detailer told me soap+water is only way to clean it without damaged coating on it. But apparently Beaverton Carwash didnt care what I said even with my notice ahead. I have called and tried to talk to the manager and the owner to find a solution for 4 times but they never answer my phone call and never call back even I told reception I will take them to the court. So I filed a small claim against them and we went to court on Jan/07/13, I won the case with no surprise. I would accept to repaint my calipers IF I could talk to the owner or manager, but they IGNORE me 4 times. Ignore isnt conceder as a solution, okay?I could pay $3000 dollars to upgrade to 6 piston calipers, I dont really have time and reasons to scam a carwash for quick cash. Customers ARENT the professional in carwash industries... They are suppose to be the professional!! customer have no reason to tell them what to do, they are suppost to ask customers questions when they think there is a problem before wash a car or accept the job. Now I hope them did refuse my business when they saw my calipers, I dont mind drive down to the street to get into a touch less wash machine! The only reason why i went to there was because I was going to pick up my family in Tacoma in a hurry on that day and I want my interior can be cleaned too, I should have just gone to touch less machine wash. At least it only cost me $12 dollars and will not wash off or scratch my paint or coating. I am totally disappointed, I also felt disrespectful and dishonest from Beaverton Carwash. Now I have to waste my time to send my cars to a mechanic to repaint my calipers, reinstall them and to bleed entire break system AGAIN!======================================================It has been 30 days after court date, and I STILL have not receive my judgment from Beaverton Car Wash. Seriously? I guess we have a totally dishonest LOCAL business in the Beaverton. what a shame!


Nick Stone

This place was insulting. I took my car in. Was confused as to whether to pull up to the wash and pay someone, or park and go inside; there werent any signs. I parked at what looked like their parking lot (wasnt), went inside, payed for just the exterior. Asked what to do, she explained Id just pull up to the car was and give the marker to the washer. Did that, had the washer explain I wasnt suppose to pull up there but instead to the vacuums (even though I wasnt getting a vacuumed wash). Then went and waited for the car to roll around. Took about 10 minutes. Once it pulled around, no one seemed to worry about drying it off. I thought it was just because it was already done. They called me and let me know it was done. As I was almost back I realized my car not only didnt look any cleaner, it didnt look like it was even wet. I got back, looked at the car, it was not washed at all. I called to explain what happened, noone answered the phone. Drove back and explained how it wasnt even wet. They asked "Why do you want it washed? Its not dirty?" I explained "Because I paid for it." They took it again. This time it seemed to be rinsed down. There wasnt exactly and detailing done. Windshield still dirty.Washer came out and told me my car was done, and to hand me the license plate the wash had torn off the car...


deepak gupta

Wrong attitude of owner. I used to go to this car wash along with my friend. One fine day I got there and got my car washed and cleaned from inside but as soon as I stepped inside car, I noticed the clip of left ac vent was lying on car carpet. I informed owner about it and he owned the mistake and was ready to pay for it. I got it repaired and the day I got there he wrote me a check. All ok until now when he says "I am never gonna allow your car in my carwash". I told him its your employees mistake not mine. To which he replies these kinds of issues happen all the time and no one has done this to him. I just couldnt understand , my car was damaged. These tards created work for me which I didnt want. I had to rush to car service , waste my time along with the time and energy wasted on the day it started. And then the owner is showing this attitude to me. I my self never gonna go there and gonna make sure all my friends and family stay away from this place.

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