Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (2023)

This post covers some best free safe mouse auto clicker softwarefor Windows 11/10 OS. Using these tools, you will be able to automate mouse clicks on your desktop screen that can be helpful while playing some game or performing a task where repeated mouse clicks are needed. Once you’ve configured the tool, your mouse cursor will be moved automatically to the required position for mouse clicks and you will have the control to start and stop the process. Most of these tools are portable so you don’t have to install them on your Windows 11/10 computer.

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (1)

There are many benefits of using such auto-clicker tools. The manual work will be saved and performing repeated mouse clicks will be a hassle-free experience as the tool will do that work for you. Based on the tool you will be using; you can set the click counts (or the number of mouse clicks), area or desktop position where mouse clicks will be performed, single click action or double-click action, and more.

Here is a list of safe free mouse auto clicker software that you can use on your Windows 11/10 computer:

  1. Max Auto Clicker
  2. Auto Clicker and Auto Typer
  3. Auto Mouse Clicker
  4. OP Auto Clicker
  5. Free Mouse Clicker
  6. AutoMouse.

Let’s check all these tools.

1] Max Auto Clicker

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (2)

Max Auto Clicker is one of the best options on this list. It lets you automate mouse clicks as well as record and replay mouse movements and mouse clicks. None of the other tools in this list come with both features which are its advantage over other similar tools.

This tool supports all mouse buttons (right, middle, and left) for the automation process and you will also be able to set the Click Type to Single, Hold, or Double.

A lot of other features/options are also there that can be configured or set as per the user requirements. Some of those handy features are:

  1. Limit or define click numbers (2 clicks, 5 clicks, 10 clicks, etc.). Select the Defined radio button and then add the number of clicks
  2. Set unlimited mouse clicks by selecting the Unlimited radio button
  3. Set the start and stop hotkeys for mouse clicks
  4. Select a speed mode (Fast or Slow) between two mouse clicks. For Fast Mode, you can set the mouse click time interval between 1 to 1000 ms using a slider. And, for Slow Mode, the amount of time can be set to seconds
  5. Click Location: Using this option, you can either select the Defined option to set X and Y pixels (or position) on your desktop screen for mouse clicks or select the Any location option to perform mouse clicks wherever your cursor goes
  6. Autoclicker Delay: This feature lets you set pre-delay time (the wait time before starting the auto clicker), emulate human click, and random delay time in milliseconds
  7. Recorder: This is a separate tool that you can access by clicking on the Record and Replay button present on the interface of this software. Using this tool, you can record your mouse cursor movements and mouse button clicks (including scroll up and scroll down mouse wheel actions) and then replay them when needed. The tool will replicate all the recorded activity that can be used in a game or anywhere you want. You will also be able to set replay speed, recording options to include/exclude left mouse button, mouse wheel, right mouse button, cursor moves, record delay, replay delay, and record and replay hotkeys.

For using this tool, grab it from, and open the interface. Configure the options present on the tool interface and then use this tool with the defined hotkeys.

2] Auto Clicker and Auto Typer

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (3)

Auto Clicker and Auto Typer is a very simple and portable tool. As its name indicates, this tool helps to perform automatic mouse clicks and type or add a predefined text (using the Auto Typer feature) automatically. You can add the number of messages with any of the available text effects and text colors and set this tool to paste or add those messages one by one anywhere you want.

For its Auto Clicker feature, you can set a speed in seconds and milliseconds and then start the process. It doesn’t let you select the desktop area or other options. It will only perform left mouse clicks based on the click interval set by you and follows the mouse cursor to automate mouse clicks.

If you want to use this tool, visit to download it. Launch the tool and then click on the Auto Clicker button on its main interface. This will open a small box to use options for performing mouse clicks automatically. Once it is done, use the Start button (or F1 or F6 key) to begin the left mouse clicks and press the F2 or F7 hotkey to stop the mouse click process.

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3] Auto Mouse Clicker

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (4)

Auto Mouse Clicker is a handy tool for recording the macro. Unlike most of the other tools added to this list, it doesn’t work by setting the XY coordinates, click action, etc. Rather, it first lets you record your mouse movements and mouse clicks, and then you can play all those movements and mouse clicks on your desktop screen. In other simple words, it can be used to replicate mouse clicks (middle, right, and left) and XY coordinates depending upon where you moved the mouse cursor.

The feature to save the recorded macro as a CSV file is also there. That file includes the X position, Y position, middle mouse button, left mouse button, and right mouse button data. You will also be able to delete entries from the data before saving the macro. And, the feature to play the recording before saving the CSV file is also there.

To use this tool, visit, and download the portable or installer file of this tool. Open the tool interface where you will have the following options:

  1. A default hotkey Ctrl+Alt+V to start and stop the recording. There is no option to change this hotkey
  2. Record/Stop button
  3. Time-Based Recording that records everything from starting to stopping the recording
  4. Event-Based Recording that records macro only when there is some event or mouse action (like movement, left click, right-click, etc.)
  5. A text field where you can add the number of times the recording should be played
  6. Infinite Loop option to play the recording continuously in a loop
  7. The right section where the tool will show the recorded data (Y position, X position, Left Mouse Button, etc.). You will have the option to delete the selected data field(s)
  8. Save button to save the recorded mouse activity as a CSV file
  9. A Load button to add the saved CSV file and start the simulation for the recorded mouse activity.

Just set and use the options of this tool and save the recording that can be used later for different tasks.

4] OP Auto Clicker

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (5)

OP Auto Clicker is a free and open-source tool to automate mouse clicks. It is a portable tool that lets you pick a specific location (XY coordinates) on your desktop screen or current location (follow the mouse cursor) to automatically click a mouse button at a defined time interval. You can set time or click intervals in hours, mins, seconds, and milliseconds.

In addition to that, you will have the option to use the left, middle, or right mouse button for automatic click. And, click type can be set to single click or double-click. A Click repeat (for mouse click) option can also be configured using the available section. You can set to continue the repeat process for say 5 times, 10 times, 15 times, etc., or you can set click repeat to continue until you stop the process.

This tool has a Start and a Stop button for the mouse clicks process. But the best part is it lets you set a hotkey for this process so that you don’t have to open the tool interface again and again for it.

To use this tool, you can download it from Once downloaded, launch the tool, set the options present on its interface, and begin the auto mouse click process.

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5] Free Mouse Clicker

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (6)

Free Mouse Clicker is another portable tool that you can use to perform single mouse click or double mouse click actions. You can also select if you want to use the left mouse button or right mouse button for automating the mouse clicks.

It doesn’t come with an option to stop mouse clicks after a number of clicks or time interval, but you can set click interval time (in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds) to continue the mouse click process and stop it using the available button or a hotkey set by you.

This tool can be downloaded from After you’ve opened its interface, set click interval, mouse interval option, and start and stop hotkeys. Once these options are set, you can minimize the tool to your Windows 11/10 taskbar, and use the configured hotkeys to start and stop the mouse click process.

6] AutoMouse

Best free Mouse Auto Clicker software for Windows 11/10 (7)

AutoMouse is an automatic mouse clicker and recorder software tool that enables automating mouse actions, from auto-clicking to recording cursor’s behavior and play back. It supports hotkeys.

You can record and replay Mouse Behavior. Download it from

Hope this is helpful.

Is there a free mouse auto clicker?

Yes, there are some good and free auto clicker tools available for Windows 11/10 OS. While some tools let you perform mouse clicks automatically at defined click intervals, other tools let you record mouse movements and mouse clicks. We have created a list of such free auto-clicker tools in this post that you can try.

Which is the best mouse auto clicker for free?

There are so many free tools available over the internet that can be used to automate mouse clicks. While some of those tools are basic, other tools come with important features like setting a position (XY coordinates) to perform mouse clicks, using single click or double click action, record mouse clicks and movements that can be considered the best options for this purpose. Some of those best free auto clicker software are also added to this post. Try them and see which one is best in your opinion.

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