Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

This sample Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc. Auto Repair Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach like Dayo Adetiloye to help you start the Implementation.

Business Description of Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

Business: Auto Repair

Industry: Automobile (Auto Repair Business plan in Nigeria)

PATILAD Auto Repair is a Lagos-based Auto Repair Service provider that services and performs general maintenance, servicing and repair work on automobiles of all sort include trailers, trucks, SUVs, CRVs and salon/wagon cars. Our services include an all-inclusive maintenance agreement (on-call service and supplies), walk-in services, warranty repairs, sale of consumable products, etc. We are a single-source provider for automobile repair services for vehicles of all types.

PATILAD Auto Repair will emphasize a customer-centric service delivery process where sufficient information will be made available to client as touching the state of their vehicles and proper consultations will be freely given.

Keys to Success for Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

The keys to our success are:

Building and maintaining strategic alliances with car distributors and other industry related business partners;

Adopting a customer- and market-focused sales and marketing paradigm; and,

Managing the business by implementing, and consistently measuring and adjusting the fundamentals to ensure our processes ensures the desired results.



Objective for Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

The objectives for the first three years of operation include:

  • To create a service-based company whose goal is to exceed customer’s expectations.
  • To increase the number of clients served by at least 20% per year through superior performance and word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Achieve healthy earnings in the first year of operation.
  • Maintain a midrange gross margin throughout the first 3 years of operation.
  • To develop a sustainable start-up business, contributing to increased employment of community residents.

Our Goal for the Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

To be the leading Auto Repair provider in Lagos, Nigeria and its environs through the provision of excellent sales services and products.

Vision for the Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

To provide a one-stop location for accessing high quality, reasonably priced and convenient Auto Repair in a desirable and conducive environment while offering products at the best possible prices.

Mission for the Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

PATILAD Auto Repair Services’ mission is to provide the Lagos business community with quality Auto Repair Services, high quality products, reliable and professional technical support, and unparalleled customer service and to earn a fair profit for our employee-owners and stakeholders by embracing sound, ethical business practices.

Management Team of the Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

Michael Taiwo – is highly knowledgeable in the Auto Repair business. He has been in the Automobile industry for over 25 years.He has worked as operation manager for Elizade Motors where he served as team member of the automobile repair and servicing team before he grew to become the general superintending manager for its operations within a record time of 4 years. Prior management experience includes: market manager of Inspired Automobile Comapny, Nigeria, operations/sales manager for Central Motors Ltd, and radarproject manager for Telecom International in Nigeria. Michael has attended numerous management and sales training courses and seminars throughout his career. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lagos, Akoka Lagos and MBA from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He will be in-charge of day to day activities of the business.

Mr Dayo Adetiloye – (B. Agric., MBA, and PMP): He has over 15 years’ experience in business management, business start-up dynamics, financial management of business and overall business growth and development. He is an alumnus of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan Atlantic University (PAU). He is our business development strategist and a strategic partner.



We brought to the business:

  • Sound and astute business sales and service delivery system
  • Ability to provide professional and reliable technical service and proactive customer service.
  • Capacity to consistently provide meet and exceed customer’s expectation.
  • Provision of brand name durable Auto Repair installations, household appliances and related products in the best quality conditions.
  • Our staff brings operational, marketing and promotional skills to the business.

Materials and Machine for Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

Office complex, garage area, consulting/service delivery area, reception, etc., storage area, Hoist, Jack, Oil change box, Spanners, tyre changer, tool box, air compressor, grease gun, battery changer, welder, warehouse, computers with point of sale terminal, computers with printer for back office, display shelf for retail products, stationeries, power source, etc.



Competitor Analysis Auto Repair Business Plan in Nigeria

Our major competitive advantages are:

  1. Strategic alliances with car distributor and other industry related business partners.
  2. Supply of industry best and high quality products in the best quality conditions.
  3. Ability to install and carry out efficient maintenance and repair services in the quickest possible time.
  4. Superior and personalized customer’s attention.
  5. Fair and best possible prices and discount offers.

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How profitable is owning an auto repair shop? ›

What is the average profit margin for auto repair shops? According to Small Business Chron, auto repair shops generally have a profit margin of 50-65% for labor and 20-28% for parts sales.

How do I start a small repair business? ›

You'll first need to get your contractor's license, form an LLC, secure business insurance, and check to make sure you don't need any other paperwork from your state or county to get started. Next, you'll want to spend money on marketing and advertising, build a website, and invest in quality tools.

How to create an auto repair shop business plan? ›

Create an effective auto repair shop business plan in 6 steps
  1. Compose an executive summary. ...
  2. Provide details about the company. ...
  3. Conduct a market analysis. ...
  4. Decide what services you will offer. ...
  5. Create a sales and marketing plan. ...
  6. Prepare the financials.
Jan 12, 2022

How can I make my auto repair shop profitable? ›

6 Ways to Increase Auto Repair Shop Profits
  1. Take a Disciplined Approach to Your Finances. ...
  2. Schedule Appointments. ...
  3. Inspect Every Vehicle. ...
  4. Reduce Fees on Card Transactions. ...
  5. Invest in Current Customers (and Employees) ...
  6. Generate New Customers with Local Coupon Advertising.

What is the most profitable auto repair? ›

7 Most Profitable Auto Repair Services to Offer At Your Shop
  1. Oil Changes. Oil changes are a fact of life, which is why there are countless dedicated oil change businesses out there. ...
  2. Brake Jobs. ...
  3. Diagnostics. ...
  4. Alignment Checks. ...
  5. Suspension. ...
  6. A/C and Heating. ...
  7. Parts Shop.
Jan 12, 2023

Is auto parts a good business? ›

Yes, an aftermarket car parts business is generally a profitable one. However, you still need to consider several factors since these things always impact the overall outcome.

How to make money fixing small engines? ›

Owners make money by charging for their time and skill level. They'll need to base their prices on the actual tools they use to repair the engines, plus the demand and the original cost of the item. For example, few people will pay $80 to repair their old lawn mower if a brand-new mower costs $100.

Is the repair shop a proper business? ›

Although the show is called The Repair Shop, it's not its own business that anyone can walk into and get services from. Butterfield said that the show doesn't offer services when the cameras aren't rolling and that most people who appear on it are found on social media.

What are the cons of being a small engine mechanic? ›

Work Hours and Schedules

The fact that most small engines are only used seasonally and neglected for much of the year means that they're more likely to break down than other types of engines. Mechanics who work with these items spend a lot of time doing routine maintenance like replacing spark plugs and other parts.

What is the target market for mechanics? ›

Some target audience examples include the following: Luxury car owners. New car owners. Lifetime car owners.

How do I market my auto parts business? ›

Finally, from our article Five Ways To Instantly Boost Parts Sales, here are some easy marketing ideas that your company is hopefully already doing:
  1. Start an email newsletter. ...
  2. Launch a pay-per-click ad campaign. ...
  3. List products on eBay, Amazon,, etc. ...
  4. Streamline the checkout process on your site.

How do I get more customers in my auto repair shop? ›

Auto Repair Shop Marketing Strategies to Retain Existing Customers
  1. Sell Declined Jobs. ...
  2. Give Them Something to Take Home Each Visit. ...
  3. Send Holiday Gifts or Other Timely Gifts. ...
  4. Create a Loyalty Program. ...
  5. Create a Referral Challenge or Program. ...
  6. Give Customers More Ways to Engage With You Online. ...
  7. Get Involved In Your Community.

Is it profitable to sell auto parts? ›

On average, car part retailers can earn anywhere from $500 to $50,000 per month selling spare parts and accessories online. Of course, this amount can vary depending on the type of auto parts you sell, your selling platform, and your marketing efforts.

How can auto repair increase profit margin? ›

The best ways to improve profit margin
  1. Always comparison shop auto parts. It's easy to fall into habits. ...
  2. Upsell (but only selectively) Auto shops get a bad rap for upselling. ...
  3. Revisit overhead expenses periodically. ...
  4. Encourage customer loyalty.

Is owning a body shop profitable? ›

Owning an auto body or repair shop can be a profitable endeavor, especially since it is something that cannot go “out of style” and it is something needed year-round not seasonally. For many auto shop owners, they began as mechanics and eventually decided to transition to the owner, starting their own shops.

What is the average markup on automotive parts? ›

Not all markups are created equally

Many automotive business consultants suggest an overall 100% markup on parts in order to achieve an overall 50-55% profit margin. This markup is important to achieve a 30 to 35% net operating profit. Shops that fail to succeed often have net operating profits of less than 15%.

How much is the auto repair industry worth? ›

Auto Repair Industry is a massive market, with an estimated value of $116 billion and over 168,000 businesses operating across the country. It employs roughly 690,000 people and has seen an annual growth rate of 0.5% from 2016 to 2021 in terms of number of businesses alone.

How much do auto shops make GTA? ›

Do you make money owning a Auto Shop GTA 5? Here is a list of the means of profit accessible from the Auto Shop: Legitimate repair business: Players can repair and customize client cars and deliver them back to earn anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000 per vehicle.

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